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Composting Food remains in the Bucket. Organic vegetable scraps for composting

brown bin collection service

From January 2024, new EU legislation means every household will be entitled to avail of a brown bin collection service; Approximately 69% of households  in Ireland up until now, are able to avail of a food waste collection service from their waste service collector; MyWaste.ie is encouraging everyone, here, there, and everywhere to contact their […]


what to do with my recycling

Recycling is a group effort. We all have our part to play to not only recycle as much waste as possible but to also make sure our recycling is properly sorted. Recycling that includes non-recyclable items or is contaminated with food waste can end up in landfill.


Report on The Food Waste Recycling Pilot Project

The Food Waste Recycling Project is an initiative of Cré (Composting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland), the Regional Waste Management Planning Lead Authorities Connacht Ulster, Eastern Midlands, Southern (WMPLA) and the Irish Waste Management Association. It was funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE). The report “National Brown Bin Awareness […]


what to do with my home composting

We have put together some information for those who want to home compost and for those, particularly in rural areas, who currently do not have access to a food waste collection service and would like to keep food waste out of their general waste bin. To start off, there are various methods by which you […]

green guide

what to do about hazardous materials and your greener living guides

From the cleaning cupboard to the bathroom shelf, every home contains an extensive collection of chemicals and other substances that can be harmful to our health or hazardous to the environment. With relatively little effort, it is easy to make positive changes and reduce and prevent the amount of hazardous waste we all create. The […]


what do all of these different symbols mean??

Don’t worry you’re not alone, there are so many different instructions on what goes where and products telling us that they are “eco” or “green” and can be recycled or composted so we are here to help you navigate to the correct bin. Our first piece of advice is, don’t believe everything you read online […]


understanding your food packaging labels

Food labels can help us choose a healthier diet and make sure our foods are safe to eat. We’ve pulled together information from a few sources which we think cover the basics and will help you to make the decision which is right for you. For example, if a food product is labelled “light” or […]


what can i do to be more sustainable?

Sustainable living isn’t just about recycling. It’s a lifestyle that reduces our environmental impact in many ways, from the food we buy to the daily commute. There is no right or wrong way to live sustainably, you simply need to do whatever works for you and remember the small things matter. Food waste, for example, […]


my impact

The environmental issues facing our planet are so huge and one person can only do so much. But it’s surprising how much difference one person can make – and if we all do our bit then the impact is amplified many times over. The choices we make, from the products we buy to the recycling […]


what to do with my food waste

That’s between €400 and €1,000 per household per year thrown into the bin.   And it’s not just a waste of money, it’s also costing the earth.  Food waste sent to landfill does not harmlessly break down but instead releases methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Where possible we should […]


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