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A Cúpla Focal from ELVES on Scrapping your Car

11 Mar 2021

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To mark Seachtain na Gaeilge March 1-17, ELVES released an Irish language version of their short video guide to scrapping your vehicle.

The slideshow video lays out the simple steps involved in getting your car scrapped responsibly at permitted scrapyards, officially known as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs), and the importance of receiving a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) which legally ends an owner’s responsibility for the vehicle.

The Irish language video guide is one of a suite of public awareness initiatives produced by ELVES to demystify the process and requirements involved in disposing of a vehicle. Another successful awareness enterprise is the vehicle scrapping guidance leaflet, included with motor tax renewal reminders since 2018. The leaflet contains guidance both in English agus as Gaeilge and is a collaborative effort between ELVES and the Department of Transport.

The recently released Irish video lays out, in a slideshow, the three steps you can take to scrap your vehicle responsibly;

  1. Choose an ATF - Contact an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) near you. All ATFs in the ELVES Network can be found at elves.ie.
  2. Getting there - Drop your car off or have it collected. Many ATFs in the Network offer a collection service.
  3. Get a CoD – Ask for a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Only ATFs can issue vehicle owners with a CoD for their scrap vehicle, providing peace of mind.

Finally, the slideshow informs you that using an ATF ensures as much as possible of the vehicle is recycled and also that the materials involved contribute towards the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling targets set under the EU ELV Directive.

More good news is that Ireland already achieves high levels of recycling of scrap vehicles, having met the national ELV reuse, recycling and recovery targets in 2018.

ATFs work to minimise waste from ELVs and operate under the ELV Regulations to protect the environment from potentially harmful materials involved. In this way, just as initiatives like Seachtain na Gaeilge help to preserve a part of our cultural heritage, by using only ATFs the public can ensure protection of our natural heritage - our environment. Go n-éirí an bóthar libh.