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4 Dec 2020

Capture which was developed in 2014  to provide waste management educational tools to Irish householders, has ceased to exist and all of its resources and information have become part of Ireland’s official one-stop-shop for all waste management information - Visitors to will now automatically be redirected to

Percy Foster from Cré / said, “ is Ireland’s official guide to managing waste and therefore the natural home for all brown bin information. Over the last number of years the partnership approach in the food waste working group saw the resources developed in being used and updated for a recent food waste pilot managed by the team. We are delighted that by working together with the Regional Waste Offices, the IWMA and DECC we have improved the resources and it’s only natural at this stage that we all  use as the national hub for resources on educating householders on how to recycle food waste.”

Pauline McDonogh, Waste Prevention Officer with the Southern Region Waste Management Planning Office thanked  Cré and DECC for their assistance with the migration of material from to “The work they have completed is an invaluable resource not just for bit for people who rely on us for all official  information pertaining to waste management in Ireland,” she said.

Kevin O’Donoghue, Principal Officer DECC added that disposing of organic waste properly is crucial for managing our waste correctly and lowering our carbon emissions.

“While the majority of households with a bin collection are availing of a three bin system - black, green and brown, we also know just 75% of these householders put their brown bins out for collection on a regular basis. Having the correct information on hand for people is essential if we are to improve on this figure and lower our carbon footprint. Relocating this information to Ireland’s official guide to managing waste seems like the best way to ensure it is readily available to everyone,” he said.