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Dont waste a day

30 Apr 2020


Nowadays, we all have a little extra time on our hands. ERP Ireland and is encouraging the people of Ireland to use this time for the better by offering tips and insights to help us all develop positive and easy to follow everyday habits. These practices will not only benefit our own lives but the lives of generations to come.

Did you know we can recycle anything with a plug or a battery? If these electronic devices are not recycled properly, the hazardous materials contained within them can damage both the environment and human health through leakage. When we recycle these items correctly, we can recover and reuse much of their valuable materials. Recycling electronic devices helps create a sustainable world.

As consumers, we are using more and more electronics in our day to day lives. When we purchase new items, we often forget to recycle our older devices and they pile up in our homes causing clutter. Don’t Waste A Day letting these old electronic appliances build up in your drawers and presses, de-clutter your house and recycle with ERP Ireland and

A clear space benefits not only ourselves and our families, but the planet we call home. Don’t waste a day thinking about it, get recycling and make a difference!