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#Iamareuser Caroline Corrigan

28 Oct 2020


My name is Caroline Corrigan and I’m a Climate Action & SDG Officer and a reformed shopaholic! In August I challenged myself to limit my wardrobe to just 30 items of clothing, to examine the where, what of and who made my clothes. What I learned about the world of fast fashion was shocking, from an environmental and human side, but the good news is that there is a movement towards slow fashion and there are ways where we can make a difference to protect people and planet, that fashion can be part of the circular economy.

Preloved fashion is a great way to embrace slow fashion and you can even shop online if you can’t make it to your local second hand shops. I’ve bought a few pieces and most of them were new as they still had the labels on. It’s great value for money, you are helping the environment and most importantly supporting the great work charities do.

Another thing I learned was to read the labels when washing clothes, washing and drying as per the instructions definitely helps your clothes last longer. Over the years I picked up a few sewing skills so I put these into practice for minor repairs to extend the life of my clothes, if sewing is not your thing there are plenty of people who can do this quite cost effectively.