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#Iamareuser Sinead Fox

23 Oct 2020

Sinead Fox I am a Reuser

My name is Sinead Fox and I’m a musician originally from Cavan. I’ve worked in the environmental sector for 25 years and I’m the founder of the Instruments Project. This project started when one day on a visit to a support centre, one of the facilitators mentioned that there were no instruments in the ‘music room’. When I realised there were lots of instruments coming and going at the recycling centres I decided to try and tap into this resource that is so good for people’s creative minds and spirit. So the recycling centre staff started to store any musical instruments that were handed in.

We accept musical instruments at our two recycling centres, Coolmine and Swords Estuary. We clean and mend them and any that are not playable can be used for spare parts. Then we link in with organisations in the community and are able to pass on unwanted instruments to those who benefit most from them. We receive anything from acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and drums to fiddles and accordions.

I would encourage anyone with unwanted, broken or unplayed instruments gathering dust in their homes to hand them in to our Recycling Centres. Even if they are in poor condition we may be able to use them for parts.