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Monitoring the cost of your waste collection

11 Mar 2019


To deliver effective waste management service across Ireland, it’s important to understand how this complex market operates. Established in 2017, the Price Monitoring Group monitors 19 firms operating across 26 geographic markets to examine what households pay for the removal of waste.

What we do

With no uniform pricing structure in place, the cost of household waste collection varies across the country. The PMG undertakes mystery calls and compiles monthly reports on what prices are charged for the collection of household waste by the different waste collection firms. The prices we study include annual service charges, lift charges for different bins (waste, recycling and brown bins) as well as any excess weight charges, with the data published on an anonymised basis.

Understanding your waste footprint

All householders that use the services of a licensed waste collection company have a right to access information including details of how much waste they produce, including weight and the type of waste (general waste, recycling and brown bin). Householders should also be able to access details about the date of collection and the registration number of the collection truck.  This account information helps you check the accuracy of the bills charged by your waste collection company.

Licensed waste collection companies are required to provide this information in writing, including online. To access these details online, householders will require an online account, with a login and password, which should be provided by the waste collection firm at account sign-up. Not all licensed waste collection firms currently provide an online account summary, in which case householders should be given a written copy for their records. Contact your waste collection provider if you can’t locate your online login details. Alternatively, you can access your account information by writing to your waste collection provider

What if mywaste collection provider raises prices?

Over the course of the last 12 months, the Price Monitoring Group did record price increases by some waste collection firms but found most were unchanged over the course of the year. If you are concerned about a price rise, explore ways to reduce the volume of waste you produce by using the library of practical tips on You could also contact your provider to see if they have any alternative plans that can help you reduce costs. Depending on where you live, it might be possible to save money by switching provider.

Keeping good records

When it comes to personal budgeting, it is always a good idea to keep good records of any payments for a four-year period. This will not only help you understand the cost of managing your waste but will also support your case should there be any discrepancies between your records and the account details provided by your waste collection provider relating to the weight and costs of your waste removal.

What if there is a dispute?

If you cannot resolve the dispute with the waste collection firm directly, the next step is to inform your local authority, particularly if you have concerns about the accuracy of your bin weight.  You should also contact the National Standards Authority of Ireland ( and provide the registration number of the collection truck.

If the dispute is about the terms and agreements of service, then you should contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (

Learning to reduce waste from

Waste is an inevitable consequence of modern life and we all have a responsibility to reduce our waste footprint for the good of our community, our environment and future generations. To learn more about how to reduce your waste footprint, visit for practical tips, advice and inspiration.

Frank Conway is the Chair of the Price Monitoring Group, which tracks the cost of waste collection services for residential users. Check our Waste Services section for more info