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National Implementation Plan for the Sustainable Development Goals 2022-2024

11 Oct 2022


The National Implementation Plan for the Sustainable Development Goals 2022-2024 was developed in collaboration with all Government Departments, key stakeholders, and based on input from two public consultation processes.

The Plan sets out five strategic objectives and 51 actions, with 119 individual measures to increase Ireland’s ambition and strengthen implementation structures to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also incorporates 23 external actions from four other National Plans or Strategies which contribute to and are complementary to the objectives of this Plan and which have been included for coherence and reporting purposes.

  • Strategic Objective 1: To embed the SDG framework into the work of Government Departments to achieve greater Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development
  • Strategic Objective 2: To integrate the SDGs into Local Authority work to better support the localisation of the SDGs
  • Strategic Objective 3: Greater partnerships for the Goals
  • Strategic Objective 4: To further incorporate the principle of Leave No One Behind into Ireland’s Agenda 2030 implementation and reporting mechanisms
  • Strategic Objective 5: Strong reporting mechanisms

The Plan also contains 22 case studies to showcase some of the valuable initiatives and examples of best practice projects and programmes being progressed by a variety of organisations, institutions and sectors across the country.

The beautiful art work in the Plan was supplied by entrants of our SDG Junior Art competition.

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SDG National Implementation Plan 2022-2024


Supporting documents

Two supporting documents have also been developed for publication simultaneous to the Plan:

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SDG Policy Map 2022


The Policy Map 2022 identifies lead Departments for each of the 17 Goals and 169 targets, maps all SDG targets against national policies and identifies contact details for each relevant policy area

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Policy update on Ireland’s implementation of SDG targets


This document centrally captures Government initiatives and updates being taken which progress the SDGs at target level.