New ‘MyImpact’ App Helps You Reduce Waste To Save The Planet

6 Nov 2019


Today, a new app called MyImpact has launched on the Google Play store, designed to help Irish users track and reduce unnecessary waste.

While recycling is more important than ever, when it comes to waste, prevention is better than cure.

Recent research by WWF found people are consuming about 2000 small pieces of plastic every week, equivalent to 5 grams a week - the weight of a typical credit card. Ireland had the sixth highest level of municipal waste generated per capita in the EU in 2015 at 564 kilograms. We need to take action now to drastically reduce our waste.

Reducing the amount of single-use plastic we consume is vital if we’re to stand a chance of effectively battling waste and plastic pollution. The MyImpact app enables Irish users to set and track waste reduction goals, while also providing a map of retailers who can help achieve these targets. The easy-to-use app offers alternatives to common single-use items like disposable coffee cups and provides videos, articles and hacks on waste reduction.

The MyImpact app drives a simple approach to tackling avoidable waste issues by asking people to think carefully about what they buy. If each individual does their bit, then the impact is amplified many times over. Download the MyImpact app on the Google Play store, recommend it to friends and family, and remember, when it comes to waste, prevention is better than cure.

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