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Panda commits to zero waste to landfill at Electric Picnic 2019

28 Aug 2019


Waste company Panda has said it will endeavor to ensure that no waste from this year's Electric Picnic will go to landfill.

It said 100% of the waste collected will be 'recovered' through recycling or energy generation.

Panda is appealing to attendees at this year's event to make a conscious effort to dispose their waste in the correct bins.

It's planning to use a three bin system and will provide 350 recycling, general waste and compost bins and three water recycling compactors.

"Using the facilities onsite, festival goers can expect their food waste to be converted into electricity, disposed bottles and cans to be recycled and their un-recyclable materials to be processed into a low carbon fuel," the company said in a statement.

"Residual waste will be processed through Panda's solid recovered fuel process to produce a fuel that can be used in manufacturing as an alternative to fossil fuels, ensuring waste is put to good use a secondary resource and reducing carbon emissions."

Events cleaning has become big business for Irish companies.

Thurles based Ryans Cleaning, which also aims to have minimal waste going to landfill, has secured several contracts across the UK and Ireland.

In the past weekend, the family-run company was contracted to service eight major events here and in the UK, including the Leeds, Reading and Creamfields festivals as well as the Watford FC, West Ham Premier League fixture at Vicarage Road.