Staycationing this summer, check out our top tips: - mywaste My Waste

Staycationing this summer, check out our top tips:

26 Jul 2021

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This summer, many of us are staycationing, whether in hotels, B & B’s, holiday homes, camping or caravan parks or visiting family and friends.

As we enjoy and explore the delights that Ireland has to offer, here are some tips to help you make the most of your staycation experience without creating unnecessary waste.

Staycation Essentials - Bring your own cup/water bottle, cutlery & reusable straw. Reusable cups and straws for take-away drinks helps reduce waste. Takeaway cups, cutlery and condiments are all a cost to businesses, so remember only take what you need. Be sure to check out to see where you closest water refill spot is and see if you can find a cafe that accepts reusables by checking

Prevent Waste – As you explore, or take a long walk, a great tip to lighten the load is to let your tubs and boxes double up as serving dishes. Lots of school supplies also work well for picnics such as lunch-boxes and water bottles.

Make your drinks double as ice packs – For day trips, freeze water in a container or bottles and it’ll keep your drink chilled. Packed in a picnic, it’ll also help keep your food cool. A good tip is not overfill the bottle before freezing.

Support Local This Summer – Shop at your destination and support local business and framers’ markets.

Pack Your Bags – Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag or basket! Whether checking out a local farmers market or shopping centre, bring along your bag or basket!

Be Foodie Friendly – Prevent food waste where possible! Only bring what you need and try to use up leftovers.

Charge Up For Summer – Don’t forget your rechargeable batteries… ensuring they are fully charged!

Don’t Forget to Recycle – recycle as you would at home – bring glass to your nearest bring bank, check Waste Services Locator for local details. If using recycling facilities at your accommodation, segregate your food waste & recycling and always pop it in the recycling facility clean, dry & loose. Remember never to miss an opportunity to recycle.

Most of all, enjoy your staycation!