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Fashioining for the Future

with Maria Carton, Style Advisor •Learn how to buy less but better •Learn how to outfit build and style new looks •Discover what your body shape is and how to best to dress •Learn how to create a sustainable wardrobe •Discover the true cost of fast fashion Find out more about CycleUp a ocal textile […]


A Guide to Sustainable Shopping in Dublin

Want to shop for clothes sustainably – but don’t know where to look? This handy guide has the suss on all the best vintage, charity and second-hand shops in Dublin, along with some motivation to check them out. Sorted! When it comes to buying clothes sustainably, shopping second-hand is the best way to go. Over […]


Special Report: Single-use plastics ban fights climate change

From today public bodies, including schools and hospitals, are no longer allowed to purchase single-use plastics such as cups, cutlery and straws, writes Joyce Feegan. The government-wide ban, which was announced in early January and comes into effect today, aims to reduce single-use plastics in our environment. A spokesman from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment […]


Are sustainability and climate action the same thing?

There isn’t really a day that goes by where we don’t hear something mentioned about either how we can live more sustainably, how the climate is changing or that we need to do something about it. The fact that we are bombarded with so much information tells us that these things are important, but the […]


Repair, Reuse, Recycle: Four Ways to Go Green for 2019

There’s a growing awareness that we need to be kinder to the environment or we’ll put our own survival at risk. Problems such as climate change and global warming can’t be denied, and consequently more people are looking for ways by which to live a little greener. Research has indicated that David Attenborough’s series Blue […]

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