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about mywaste

Welcome to My Waste, Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste. Here you will find everything you need and want to know about managing your waste responsibly, efficiently and in the way that suits you. Browse this site for your local waste services; bring banks, recycling facilities along with ways to help you prevent waste, reuse and upcycle. Yon can find our a to z guide here but if you can't find the item you are looking for please get in contact with us through social media and we will gladly help where we can.

MyWaste is an information portal only, we are not waste collectors or waste enforcement our role is to guide and advise you on where and how you can report activities such as illegal dumping or possible problems with your waste collection service.

This is an initiative brought to you by the Regional Waste Management Offices on behalf of the Department of Climate Action, Communications and the Environment.

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