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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The environmental issues facing our planet are so huge and one person can only do so much. But it’s surprising how much difference one person can make – and if we all do our bit then the impact is amplified many times over.

The choices we make, from the products we buy to the recycling we do every day, can have a real impact on the world around us, by reducing our environmental footprint and influencing the decisions of manufacturers, retailers and politicians. Together, we can make a positive impact for a cleaner, healthier future.

No matter where you are on your journey, there is a positive environmental impact that you can make.

MyImpact helps you track these actions allowing you to see the difference that your little actions make, every bag, straw and cup you save counts!

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The reason that waste prevention is top of the management pyramid is simple – the less waste we produce the less we have to care for. Education is key to the prevention of waste and wastage or avoidable waste. If people are more informed about waste then maybe they will stop and think before buying a product that is in a lot of packaging or they might consider renting or borrowing items which they may only use once or twice a year.

Continuing dependence on landfills and waste to energy to handle our waste means Ireland ranks near the bottom of the pyramid, we need to move upwards towards waste prevention. We can all help to reduce the amount of waste by cutting down what we consume. It is then important to recycle or compost any suitable material and to dispose of the rest in a safe manner.

Some tools to help you reduce your impact:


Repair Directory

Conscious Cup Campaign