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what can i do to be more sustainable?

Sustainable living isn’t just about recycling.

It’s a lifestyle that reduces our environmental impact in many ways, from the food we buy to the daily commute. There is no right or wrong way to live sustainably, you simply need to do whatever works for you and remember the small things matter.

Food waste, for example, isn’t just about scraping leftovers into the food waste bin. We need to make choices that support local farmers and cut down on air miles, that reject excessive packaging and wasteful over-purchasing. Never buy more than you need and get creative with leftovers: you’ll be surprised how little food you waste and how much money you save.

Avoid single use items like plastic drinks bottles, take-away coffee cups and wipes. Use a re-usable cup, carry your own bottle to fill up with tap water and use washable flannels to remove make-up or mop up after babies.

Try to cut down on harsh cleaning products, which can contain hazardous substances that pollute water courses and be harmful to health. There are many natural alternatives, such as vinegar and baking soda, that can make your kitchen shine without polluting your house with chemicals and excessive plastic bottles.

Finally, think before you buy: do you really need it? Is there a version without so much plastic packaging? We are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where our problem is waste, not want. Let’s reuse, recycle and repair to make the most of what we already have, and preserve the earth’s precious finite resources for future generations.

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