Civic Amenity Sites are open but some restrictions may apply during this time. Please check with your Local Authority for the most up to date information


If you are tested
Covid-19 positive

Put all your personal rubbish (waste) such as gloves, tissues, wipes and masks in a bin bag & tie when almost full

Put this bin bag into a second bin bag & tie a knot

Store the bag somewhere safe for 3 days & then put the bag into your wheelie bin for collection

Putting your bins out

To reduce the potential for cross contamination please follow this advice when putting out your household bins:

Bins to be presented on the evening before scheduled collection

Handles of bins to be cleaned with disinfectant where possible before and after presentation

Wipes, cloths, gloves etc. used for cleaning can be placed in your general waste bin

Using your local
civic amenity site

Civic Amenity Sites are a key component of household waste management in Ireland. Customers are encouraged to use Civic Amenity Sites in accordance with HSE guidelines on social distancing. Customers should only use Civic Amenity Sites for essential requirements at this time to ensure that the sites can remain open and functioning effectively.

What do I
do with....?

Your guide to disposing about just about anything

No matter how you are disposing of your waste be sure to use an authorised collector or site


your A to Z of
all things waste

Welcome to My Waste, Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to manage your waste responsibly and efficiently. Browse this site for local waste services, recycling facilities, information on preventing, reusing and disposing of waste.

more about my waste

what can and can’t be recycled

Drag and drop items to where you think they should go and we’ll tell if you’re right!

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what can and can’t be recycled

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a new approach

We all generate huge amounts of waste, every minute of every day. It’s time to take a new approach and think carefully about what we buy. Positive choices about packaging and airmiles can reduce waste and climate impacts. Rather than always buying new, let’s try to repair, reuse and upcycle to make the most of get the best value from what we already have. It makes sense for your environment, your local community and your budget.


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