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6 pack ring/wrap Aerosols Air pockets used in packages/parcels Aluminium trays Animal bedding & waste Armchair / Chair Asbestos Ash / Ashes Bag for life Bag for sending parcels/packages Bags – pasta, rice, lentils, beans, pulses, grains Baked goods/Confectionary outer wrappers Barbecues Bathroom suites Batteries Bedding & blankets Beds Beverage cans Bicycles Bioplastics Birthday cards Biscuit & sweet tins/tubs Biscuit wrapper Black Trays Blender Books Bread wrapper Bread wrappers Breakfast cereal bags Bricks Bubble wrap Building materials Buttons Cable / Cord / Charger Cans Car batteries Cardboard Packaging Carpets Cars Cartons [Tetra Pak or Similar] Cassette players Cassette Tapes Cat litter and Small Pet Waste Catalogues CD & DVD players CD/Compact Disc/CD’s Cereal/granola bags Chairs Cheese outer wrapper Cheese packs outer wrap Chemicals Chest freezers Chest of drawers Chocolate bar wrapper Christmas cards Christmas decorations Christmas decorations packaging Christmas tree lights Christmas trees (Fake) Christmas trees (Real) Clear freezer bags Clear wrap on a frozen pizza Clear wrap on fruit and veg Clinical waste Cloth nappies Clothes Clothes hangers Clothing & textiles Coffee Machine Coffee pods/capsules Coffee refill pouches Computer monitors Computers Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Cookers Cooking oil Corks [natural] Cosmetics Cotton Wool Couch credit / debit / gift cards crisp packet Crisp/cracker wrappers Crockery Cupboards Curtains Cushions Deodorant Detergent refillable pouch Detergent/dishwasher bags Dishwasher Disposable gloves Disposable razor bag DIY equipment DIY waste Doors dried fruit bags Dried fruit/seed and nut bags Drink cartons Dry clean bag Dryer Duvets & pillows DVD & CD players DVD’s & CD’s e-cigarettes/e-cig/vapes Egg shells Electrical item/white goods/appliances bags/wrap Electrical items Electronic games Energy-saving bulbs Engine oil Envelopes Fabrics Filters (water) Fire alarms Fluorescent tubes FOG (Fats, Oils & Greases) Foil Food & drink pouches Food blender / mixer Food tins & drink cans Food waste Fridges & freezers Frozen food bags Frozen food bags i.e peas, sweetcorn, fish, chips Fruit/veg and salad wraps and bags Furniture Games & toys Garden chemicals Garden compost / bark bags Garden waste Gardening tools Gardening tools (Electrical) Gas bottles Gift & toy packaging Gift Bags Glass Bottles & Jars Glasses (Spectacles) Greetings cards Hair – Pet / Human Hair dryers Hair straighteners Hearing aids Hedge trimmers Household Hazardous waste Ice cream wrapper Ice cube bag Individual wrap on cheese slices Inhalers Inkjet cartridges Instant marrowfat peas bag Ironing boards Irons Jewellery Junk mail Kettle Keyboards (musical) Keys (metal) Kitchen appliances Kitchen foil Kitchen roll Kitchen/ toilet roll outer wrap Lamps Laptop Lawnmowers Lever Arch Folders Lids / Tops / Caps Light bulbs Magazines Mattress Mattress / pillow wrap Meat Trays Medicinal Packaging Medicines Microwave Milk bottles [plastic] Mirrors Mobile phones MP3 players Musical instruments Nail Varnish Napkins Nappies (disposable) Newspapers Oil (car) Outer wrap cheese slices Oven Packaging (food) Packing peanuts Paint Paint cans (empty) Paper Paper coffee cups Paper towels Pasta/rice/noodle bags PC Perfume Bottles Pet food Pet food bag/pouch Pet waste Petrol Photographs Pizza boxes Plasterboard Plastic bottles Plastic film on meats and cheese Plastic plant pots / Flower pots Plastic shopping/carrier bags Plastic sugar bags Plastic Trays Plastic tubs & trays Plastic wrap from cigarettes and tobacco Plastic wrap on flowers Plush Toys Polystyrene Postage stamps Pouch – rice/lentils/grains/beans Pouch wet wipes Pringles Printer cartridges Printers Projectors Pyrex Radios Rags Rapid Antigen Test Razor Blades Receipts Records Rubble Rugs Salad bags Sat navs Saucepans School uniforms Sellotape Shampoo bottles Shoes & boots Shopping bags Shower gel/shampoo refill pouches Shredded paper Sideboards Sliced Pan Clear wrap sliced pan paper/plastic/wax Smoke alarms Sofas / settees Soup pouch Spectacles (Glasses) Stamps Stereos Sticky tape Stock pots Stools Sweet tins Sweet wrapper Syringes Tables Tablet computers Tea bags / leaves Tea towels Telephone directories Telephones Tiles (floor and wall) Tissues Toaster Toner cartridges Tools (manual) Tools (Electrical) Toothbrush [Electric] Toothbrush [manual] Toothpaste tubes Torch Tumble dryers TVs Tyres Vacuum Cleaner Video recorders Video tapes Wallpaper Wardrobes Washer dryers Washing Machine Watches Water bottles Water filters Wet wipes Wet wipes outer wrap White goods Wood & timber Wool Wrapper cheese slices Wrapping paper [Ribbon / Bow] Yoghurt pots Item not found. Go to A-Z page

Start typing the object you want to dispose of (eg. glass, aerosol, pizza box) to find out more about how and where to dispose of it properly.

Ireland’s guide to
managing waste

Welcome to My Waste, Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to manage your waste responsibly and efficiently. Browse this site for local waste services, recycling facilities, information on preventing, reusing and disposing of waste.

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