Tyres are composite materials.

General Comment / Tip

The Repak ELT tyre compliance scheme is being established to track tyres coming onto the market in Ireland and generate an accurate figure of the tyres that will be coming off as waste. Repak ELT scheme tyres will be monitored and managed in an environmentally sound manner. Industry operators – through membership of the scheme – take responsibility for the waste arising from the sale of tyres and vehicles at each stage of distribution.

All tyre operators must join the scheme to be compliant. A visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC) will cover the environmental disposal of members waste tyres.

Repak ELT Registered Collectors will collect tyre waste from Repak ELT member outlets and will only be paid once they have submitted documentation proving that the tyres they collected were managed in an environmentally sound manner.

Producer responsibility initiatives in other waste streams have transformed waste with a negative value to one of positive value as a resource for recycled material and innovative green products. Tyres are currently a resource in that they can be recycled, recovered and processed.

Repak ELT tyre compliance scheme will work to bring improved environmental outcomes for end of life tyres. In time with the advancement of technologies, our goal is to see tyre waste moving to having a positive value.