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Wrapping paper [Ribbon / Bow]

Wrapping paper [Ribbon / Bow]


Most varieties of wrapping paper are made from light card or printed paper. However shiny or metallic gift-wrap is made of plastic film.


Normal wrapping paper should be placed in the household recycling bin. Any bows of ribbons used as decoration on gifts are usually made of plastic and these cannot be recycled.

Any wrapping paper which has a plastic and/or metallic layer should be placed in the general waste bin, this paper cannot be recycled.


Please make sure items are clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin.

General Comment / Tip

Unsure if your shiny gift-wrap is recyclable? If the paper easily tears you can recycle it. Paper that needs cutting with a scissors is metallic and cannot be recycled. When buying wrapping paper look for one which looks natural, if it’s shiney then avoid it

If you are going to use bows or ribbons to decorate gifts make sure to use ones made of cloth that can be reused year after year