6-month rolling average shows prices for waste collection remain stable – PMG

23 Sep 2019


Vast majority of prices unchanged

Key findings from January 2019 to June 2019 price analysis

The cost of collecting household waste has remained highly stable across 6 months of price data analysis. This is according to the latest review conducted by the Price Monitoring Group. The Group was established to monitor the cost of collecting household waste by licensed firms. It currently monitors 26 waste collection markets across Ireland. This comprises 19 individual companies with several of those operating in more than one area.

For this analysis, the Group compared price data from January 2019 against June 2019.

Comparing apples to apples

In January, there was a total of 50 different price plans on offer across the 26 markets firms operate. In June, this had decreased by one to 49. However, the data reveals that two of the January price plans had been dropped by service providers and one added. This means that a net total of 48 price plans are common to both January and June; this is the basis for the comparison.

Price points

Across the 48 price plans, the following price points are tracked:

  • Service Charge
  • Waste Lift Charge
  • Recycling Lift Charge
  • Compost Lift Charge
  • Per KG Waste Charge
  • Per KG Recycling Charge
  • Per KG Compost Charge
  • There are also some firms that quote Per KG Excess Waste, Recycling and Compost charges.

In total, there are 111 price points common to both January and June of which 95 were unchanged, 8 increased and 8 decreased.

How prices fluctuated 

Following is a breakdown of where prices changed:

  1. Company B decreased Organic lift charge from €5.00 - €4.00
  2. Company C increased Service Charge from €10.00 - €15.00
  3. Company C decreased Service Charge from €13.17 - €10.00
  4. Company D increased Service Charge from €19.08 - €29.17
  5. Company D increased Service Charge from €23.00 - €25.18
  6. Company D increased the Waste per KG lift charge from €0.19 - €0.22
  7. Company F decreased Service Charge from €26.00 - €25.80
  8. Company J increased Service Charge from €16.50 - €20.95
  9. Company M increased Service Charge from €4.00 - €5.41
  10. Company N decreased Service Charge from €26.50 - €24.50
  11. Company N decreased Waste lift charge from €13.00 - €11.00
  12. Company N decreased Recycling lift charge from €6.00 - €5.00
  13. Company N decreased Organic lift charge from €7.50 - €5.00
  14. Company P increased the Waste Lift charge from €11.20 - €12.00
  15. Company P increased the Recycling lift charge from €3.00 - €4.00
  16. Company P decreased Organic lift charge from €5.70 - €5.00

Data Published Monthly

The Price Monitoring Group meets monthly to collect and analyse price data across all of the monitored firms. All of the data and accompanying report is made available publicly following each meeting.About the Price Monitoring Group

The group comprises representatives from:

  • Waste Policy & Resource Efficiency Division
  • An economist from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,
  • A statistician from the Central Statistics Office.
  • Shelfwatch – an independent price monitoring group and
  • Frank Conway, an independent consumer expert.