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Illegal Dumpling and Littering is all Our Problem

6 May 2022


“Your Country – Your Waste” and “Love This Place” National Awareness Campaigns

Every time that illegal dumping and littering takes place it causes damage to the communities in which we all live, work and play. The “Your Country – Your Waste” and “Love This Place” campaigns are part of the “Anti-Dumping Initiative which highlights what each of us can do to stop illegal dumping and littering to keep our villages, towns, and cities clean and waste free so that that we can all continue to enjoy our wonderful environment.

“We need to vigilant about bogus collectors who may call to our door,” commented Declan Breen from “Always ask for their NWCPO registration number. If they are not a legitimate collector and they take your waste and dump it, it can be traced back to you which means you will be liable, and you will be the person that receives a fine.”

“We encourage the public to also inform their Local Authority if they find instances of illegal dumping activity. We can stop illegal dumping if we work together,” he continued.

As we head into the summer, we will be spending as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying all the great amenities that are on our doorsteps, such as our parks, beaches, forests, trails, nature reserves and much more. When we visit and enjoy these fantastic amenities, the “Love This Place” Campaign from Leave No Trace highlights the need to ensure that we remove any litter that we create to minimise the impact that we have our natural heritage.

“Imagine the impact on a beach if everyone who visited it left just one item of litter behind us” said Maura Kiely from Leave No Trace. “If each one of us take responsibility to manage our own litter than we will all be able to enjoy a healthy and vibrant outdoor environment now and the future.”

The campaign highlights seven simple principles; Plan Ahead and Prepare; Be Considerate of Others; Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife; Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces; Leave What You Find; Dispose of Waste Properly and Minimise the Effects of Fire”.

More information and campaign materials on both campaigns are available on line, the Anti Dumping Hub where all assets can be downloaded, from here. Visit the Leave No Trace website for toolkits and tips, here

The Anti-Dumping Initiative (ADI) was introduced in 2017 to encourage a collaborative approach between local authorities, communities, and other State Agencies to tackling the problem of illegal dumping. Funding of over €12 million has been provided by my Department under the Initiative, which has supported the delivery of over 1,250 projects nationwide.