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#Iamareuser Kata O’Donovan

26 Oct 2020

Kata ODonovan Reuse Month I am a reuser

My name is Kata O’Donovan from CottonCaterpillars.

I’m a mother of two and I found that I could save money and reduce waste associated with raising my children just by following one keyword: “reuse”.

I had become frustrated with the amount of single use items I was discarding so I started making my own reusable items such as reusable baby wipes, unpaper towels, breast pads, cloth sanitary pads, clothing and much more. I believe that longevity of the products I make is of utmost importance and I make sure that the materials I source are of high quality.

My advice for parents with children is to look at reusable options instead of single use items. Washable items are kinder to the environment, and even though there is some impact involved in washing them, the impact is far less than the impact of single use items. For example, unpaper towels and washable versions of paper towels come in funky patterns to add a splash of colour to the kitchen and it comes with the advantages of reusables already mentioned. Baby wipes are essential with kids, not just for a nappy change but also for the face and their hands. They are handy at home and out and about too. But we don’t need to buy pack after pack. Reusable baby wipes do the job a lot better and are a far greener option.