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#Iamareuser Claire O’Connor

19 Oct 2020

I am a reuser Claire NativeEvents

My name is Clare O’Connor and I’m the Sustainability Officer for Native Events, where, prior to COVID-19 restrictions, we had been running sustainability-focused events. The events sector can create huge amounts of waste, but lots of opportunity exists for change and moving towards reuse. This involves taking a look at the way we do things now and actively seeking creative solutions to reuse your resources.

Sustainability and Reuse is part of who we are and because we run multiple events a year, we look at how we can use waste generated as a resource for future events. For example, we repurpose the tents discarded after festivals into decor for our other events throughout the year.

When events return post-COVID and you want your event to move towards reuse, whether it’s a big event like a work seminar or a small event like a family party, take a look at the areas where you have high single-use consumption and consider ways you could switch to reusables. For example, you could eliminated single-use cups from your event entirely and setting up water points for attendees to refill their own bottles. This change could save countless coffee cups and plastic bottles from going to waste.