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WEEE Ireland Annual Environmental Report 2019

29 Jun 2020


WEEE Ireland is proud to present its Annual Environmental Report 2019, gathering the work accomplished by the Scheme in 2019 on behalf of our over 1100 Producer Members.

2019 was a target year for every EU Member State, and WEEE Ireland achieved 65% take back of our Members' WEEE market share, collecting a total of 38,594 tonnes of e-waste.

The Scheme also collected 886 tonnes of waste portable batteries for recycling in 2019, achieving a 47% collection rate.

WEEE Ireland has again been chosen as compliance provider by the majority of Producers in Ireland. In 2019, the Scheme's Market Share for WEEE reached 77%.

WEEE Ireland component material recovery performance once again exceeded the required target in all categories supporting resource efficiency and circularity in the WEEE sector. An average of 82% of material across the Scheme’s WEEE activity was recycled and a 91% recovery rate was achieved.

Moreover, WEEE Ireland’s 2019 recycling efforts contributed to saving the equivalent to 227k tonnes of CO emissions compared to the same items being diverted to landfill.

Our Compliance Scheme's Communication Programmes have allowed us to reach our Members e-waste collection target and to engage citizens in a movement of change.

Our Small Things Matter campaign in Spring and Autumn 2019, encouraged Irish householders to return waste batteries, lighting and WEEE for free to help protect our environment and support LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice - with WEEE Ireland contributing to the charity, as part of the campaign.

Did you know? in 2020 WEEE celebrate 15 years since our Scheme began...