what is reuse month?

October is Ireland’s National Reuse Month, reuse is about valuing our stuff, by using and reusing it for as long and as often as possible. This avoids the need to extract raw materials, manufacture and distribute new stuff, and avoids waste thereby cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

This might sound like stepping back in time, to when post-war frugality meant that people held on to things for longer, passed on things they no longer needed and recycled everything from curtains to car parts. But this campaign is targeted at a generation that grew up in a consumer culture that didn’t consider where things came from or went to after their use – never mind the environmental consequences of using up primary resources and dumping toxic waste.

Throughout October we invite the public and all organisations to hold and attend community-based workshops in a multitude of areas such as managing food waste and upcycling everything from fashion to furniture. The idea is to bring people beyond the idea of “reduce, reuse and recycle” to a more conscious prevention of waste in the first place.

If you are organising an event we invite you to submit your event here and to use the official artwork which you can download here.

how can I get involved?

National Reuse Month’s aim is to inspire you and provide you with the skills and tools to reuse more at home, at work and at play. For example, you may have already reused by getting shoes resoled rather than replacing them, or borrowing books from the library. To cut down on waste and greenhouse gas emissions, we asked everyone to go further in October and beyond by prioritising repair, buying second hand and upcycled, borrowing, swapping and refilling.

If you are organising an event we invite you to submit your event here and to use the official artwork which you can download here.

Download these documents for some inspiration:

at home at work at play

I'm A Reuser

As part of October’s Reuse Month, see our #IamAReuser and tutorial videos below. You can also view some of our #Iamareuser blogs here.


Tony Keogh from Cornucopia Restaurant has created a delicious recipe for Banana Pancakes. It is a great way to use up leftover bananas and condiments. The full list of ingredients are listed in his YouTube video description.

Tony Keogh from Cornucopia Restaurant makes a recipe from the leftover food in his fridge and his cupboards. In this recipe, he makes Caesar Salad from leftover bread, leftover lettuce and scallions.

ReCreate Ireland investigates materials that you may have at home and turns them into something to wear, decorations and creepy crawlies! Happy making, creating, and reusing.

Taz and Geraldine from the The Useless Project bring us on a tour of their favourite second hand shops to show you some of the great items to be found. They also offer top tips on how to find the highest quality reuse items at the lowest prices.

Arran Murphy from Rediscover Fashion shows us how to make your own face mask.


#IamAReuser Videos:

Urs Harttung explains how he loves to make quirky, functional things from material that has been used before. He also shows us how to make a flower pot from an old wooden pallet.

Patrick Jackson explains the Picker Pal intiative. It is an initiative that both encourages young children and their families to remove litter form their local area, but also supports reuse by making ‘Picker Packs’ out of discarded sails.

Amy O’Hara from DuMore Embroidery explains how she likes to breathe life back into old clothes. She also shares a tutorial on how to make a scrunchie out of an old jumper.


Katie Mann from Cycle Sense explains how to keep your bike in top tip condition. She also salvages old bikes and breathes life back into them so they’re ready for the road again.

Jay Blades from BBC’s Money For Nothing and The Repair Shop explains how important it is to design, upcycle and repair furniture with its durability and its future in mind.

Michelle Fallon from Michelle Made This explains how to make simple things beautiful and beautiful things simple. She also shows us how to make a breakfast tray out of an old picture frame.


Caitriona Courtney documents Northside Community Enterprises and how they set up a social enterpris centered around reuse.

Leo Duffy explains how National Waste Collection Permit Office used upcycled materials in their new offices.

Rosemary MacCabe takes on the Reuse Challenge.

calendar of events

Check out the calendar of events which are taking place all over the country.

Reopen with Reuse Webinar

Wednesday, September 29 2021
7:00 pm - @ Online more information

#upcycle challenge 21

Closing date: 30th of October

The Upcycle Challenge is live for 2021 so we want you to get thinking creatively. In 2020 we were blown away buy the number and the calibre of entries so this year we have added a few more categories and have asked that you tell us a little bit more about what you are doing and why you have chosen a particular project.

Why not check out the 2019 winners here for some inspiration.

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why is reuse important?

For the past 250 years, economies in the developed world have been based on a linear model of continuous growth, drawing on the world’s natural resources to make our lives healthier, wealthier and more comfortable.

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